With NANO WIPER - excellent visibility!


Box NANO WIPER for the winshields and headlights

Driving in the rain using the nano wipers is better view from the car.

Falling raindrops immediately create so-called pearl effect and at the car speed app. over 60km/h slide off the glass away.

Spraying water and the mud from other cars do not affect the view from the car all that can be called  -  liquid windshield wipers.

The glass, covered by the nano-film enables to remove the sprawled insects easily, as well as the ice rating during.

One package NANO WIPER (quantity sufficient for one personal car windshield) includes:

Instructions for use:

Before the application, make sure your windscreen is clean and dry. NANO WINDSHIELD WIPER can only be applied at temperatures from + 5C to + 30C! Applied below 5C a mat milky film may appear and the products effect will be reduced. Do not apply in direct sunlight and work in ventilated areas.

Application steps:

Firstly, take the container with blue top (NanoClean) and shake it before opening. Cut the end of the top and lightly spray your windscreen and polish it carefully with the enclosed blue cloth. Continuously cover the entire glass surface and polish it. Well applied liquid can be easily recognized as the glass slightly scrubs after the procedure. In case you find a spot where the cloth slips easily, spray some more liquid from the blue container and polish again. If you spray more than necessary the result will not be better, only the polishing might become more difficult.
Secondly, after spraying the NanoClean and making sure the surface slightly scrubs, leave the glass to rest for app. 5 min.! This step is crucial for the product functioning as well as making sure not to interchange the red and blue cloths.
Thirdly, after the 5 min. pause, apply the red bottle (GProtect) the exact same way and polish it to very high gloss. Use the red cloth only!!
Lastly, keep the car in a dry place for at least 6 hours and keep it away from rain and water in general.
Always make sure you do use the right cloth!

Maintenance: To prolong and improve the nano effect we recommend degreasing the windshield every 5000 km (3000 miles) to remove the traffic film that builds up when driving. Use any conventional glass cleaner containing alcohol.

Product description (NanoClean and GProtect):
Used materials - Alcoholic mixture special nano-additive components. Includes 2-propane, ES 200-661-7 Content VOC:100% Store between +5C and +40C! Keep the caps well closed. Protect against frost, sun and superheating. Ensure good ventilation.
Recommended fire-fighting: water, foam, CO2, powder or chemical extinguisher.

Security warning:
R11: highly combustible. R36: titillates eyes. R67: inhalation can cause drowsiness and giddiness. S2: keep out of reach of children. S7: keep the cover tightly closed. S16: keep out of reach of inflammation sources smoking not allowed during application. S24/25: prevent contact with skin and eyes. S26: at affection eyes immediately wash with water and find medical help. S46: after ingestion immediately find medical help and show them this cover and marking.


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